Don’t Forget About Business Overhead Expense Insurance!

Business Overhead Expense Insurance | Physician Disability Insurance

When a physician who owns his or her own practice comes to one of our agents, the breadth of coverage to consider is often not understood. Being able to keep your business doors open and your operation running at full capacity while you are disabled shouldn’t be overlooked or disregarded so easily. There is coverage available that can help minimize the toll business expenses can take not only on your practice, but on your financial situation at home, too.

A Supplemental Health Benefit to Your Physician Disability Insurance

Physician Disability Insurance Supplemental Health Benefit

Accidents are NOT usually the main the culprit of disabilities. Illnesses like cancer, a heart attack or diabetes cause the majority of long-term disabilities. Back pain and arthritis are also significant causes. The insurance carrier, Principal Financial Group, takes your income protection even further with a unique, built-in provision called the Supplemental Health Benefit. Here’s how it can help.