Video Interviews

It is our priority to provide physicians with as much disability insurance information as possible so you can make the most informed decision. We understand that your time is precious, so we are working on quick, easy-to-follow video interviews directly with our agents. Check out our interviews to learn about key Policy Features.

Shorten Your Physician Disability Insurance Waiting Period

Physician disability insurance waiting periods can be up to 180 days, but some disability insurance contracts containa benefit with the potential to shorten this time.

Explaining the Non-Disabling Injury Benefit

Certain disability insurance companies offer a non-disabling injury benefit, which can reimburse you for your medical expenses after an injury.

Disability Insurance Waiting Periods and Benefits Triggers

A common question about Disability Insurance for Doctors is when the benefits will actually start after an accident. There is often a waiting period, but you need to consider different triggers as well.

Specialty Definitions in Group Disability Insurance Contracts

A lot of doctors are covered under the group disability insurance contract held by their practice, but it is important to fully understand the details of your group disability contract.

Doctor Disability Insurance Waiting Periods

The waiting period or elimination period for doctor disability insurance is the time between when you become disabled and the time you can collect doctor disability insurance benefits. The industry standard waiting period is 90 days, but some people choose a longer waiting period, like 180 days. But why would someone want to delay their benefits?

Levels of Own Occupation Disability Insurance

Own Occupation Disability Insurance? Transitional Disability Insurance? Own Occupation Non Engaged? There is a lot of new vocabulary to learn when signing up for physician disability insurance. We can help you understand.

What is Own Occupation Disability?

There are many kind of disability insurance for doctors, but an important one to remember is own occupation disability insurance. What does “own occupation disability insurance” mean?

Is Your Physician Disability Insurance Benefit Taxable?

Depending on how your physician disability insurance premiums are paid, you may or may not have to pay taxes on the benefits you collect.

The Most Important Feature of Physician Disability Insurance

Physician disability insurance contracts can be complicated and difficult to understand. Make sure this feature is in your contract, no matter what.

Issue and Participation Limits of Physician Disability Insurance

When you purchase physician disability insurance, you would think you should be able to purchase as much coverage as you like, but that isn’t always the case.

How the Future Increase Rider can Guarantee Your Insurability

The Future Increase Option guarantees that you will be eligible for benefit increases at certain intervals in the future, regardless of any health issues that may arise.

Disability Insurance Case Study: Make Sure You’re Protected

Today’s interview covers one woman’s struggle with receiving accurate benefits from her disability insurance claim. Watch the video to see just how frustrating some disability insurance can be.

Does Your Physician Disability Insurance Policy Pass the Test?

Knowing the ins and outs of your physician disability insurance policy is key to success. Put your disability insurance policy through this test to see if it passes.

How Women Can Avoid Paying Higher Premiums for Physician Disability Insurance

Women typically pay a much higher premium for their physician disability insurance, but there is a way to get around that and save up to 40% on premiums: it’s called the Multi-Life discount.

How a Presumptive Disability Clause Can Keep You From Collecting Benefits

So you may think you qualify for benefits from your physician disability insurance policy, but a presumptive disability clause could keep you from collecting in certain instances.

Recovery Benefit Explained

In this interview, Joe and Ryan discuss the definition and importance of the Recovery Rider in a disability policy.

Good Health Benefit: Decrease Your Disability Insurance Elimination Period

First make sure you have a strong policy definition… Then consider the Good Health Benefit.

Dissecting Group Disability Insurance for Physicians — Is Your Disability Insurance Too Affordable?

Most doctors in large practices are offered Group Disability Insurance. Learn how these policies define your profession, and ultimately, if you’re covered.

Catastrophic Misconceptions

The Catastrophic Disability Benefit can be very useful for Physicians, but it can also be a headache.