Are You Maximizing Your Benefit Payments?

Physician Disability Insurance Maximize Benefits

You may already know that most physician disability insurance carriers will offer between $15,000 to $20,000 per month in benefit. But did you know that these carriers will now participate with other physician disability insurance carriers to add even more to your monthly total?

The amount of these monthly benefit payments from participating doctors disability insurance carriers can be up to $35,000.  Depending upon your income and what you are wanting out of your own-occupation disability insurance, we can now get you as much as $420,000 per year of tax free benefit distribution!

You may get as much as $420,000 per year of tax free benefit distribution!

The amount of disability insurance you need is based on your personal situation. View this table that represents the maximum amount of physician disability insurance you may qualify for given your annual earned income.

If you’re an doctor looking for disability insurance, see how much MD Disability Quotes can get for you with a free quote today!

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