Understanding the Importance of Physician Disability Insurance

The Importance of Physician Disability Insurance

A disabling illness or injury can occur without warning – as suddenly as an automobile accident or a medical diagnosis of cancer. The disabling illness or injury can keep you from working for a day, a week, a month, a year or for the rest of your life. It’s very important to protect your valuable asset… your income.

It’s more important to protect your ability to get up everyday and earn an income than it is to protect your vehicle (auto insurance), protect your home (homeowners insurance), or to make sure a physician or hospital will be paid (medical insurance). But, if you are disabled, who pays you?

AND, the protection is very affordable. Let’s look at an example of two job offers:

Income (Salary) Income if Disabled
Medical Practice A $220,000 $0 (No income)
Medical Practice B $217,000 $120,00/yr tax-free

WHO WOULD YOU WORK FOR? The choice is yours.

Request a quote and lets talk about your options.

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