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Many companies offer own-occupation, but few offer
own-occupation disability insurance to physicians in their medical sub-specialty.

Doctor Disability Insurance

Doctor Disability Insurance

Doctor disability insurance contracts vary greatly, and it is extremely important to have a contract that protects you not only as a physician, but also in your specific medical specialty. You do not want a contract that can force you into some other occupation.

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Surgeon Disability Insurance

Surgeon Disability Insurance

As a surgeon, it is vitally important to have coverage that protects you not just as a physician but in your specific surgical sub-specialty. Due to the fine motor skills it takes to be a surgeon, the threshold for becoming disabled is less than that for any other profession.

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The amount of disability insurance you need and the monthly rate are based on your personal situation. View these tables that show sample rates and benefits.

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The Physician Disability Insurance Field Is Our Specialty

For over 20 years, M.D. Disability Quotes has successfully matched thousands of
physicians with the best disability policy at the best rates.

Top Things to Know about Physician Disability Insurance

The Top 5 Things
You Need to Know

As you read about Physician’s Own-Specialty Disability Insurance and discover how MD Disability Quotes can serve you, here are the top points to keep in mind.

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Surgeon Disability Insurance

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Disability Insurance is one of the most complex and misunderstood insurance products there is. Download our free guide to help you start the process.

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Physician Disability Insurance Blog

Should You Pay Physician Disability Premiums with Pre- or Post-Tax Dollars? (Part 1 of 2)

Paying your physician disability insurance premiums with pretax income may be an attractive option due to the immediate savings you receive. But are you really saving money in the long-run?

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Why Does Our Experience Matter?

Below are just a few examples of real clients that uniquely benefited from a thoughtfully-written contract stemming from our years of experience – including coverage that is not always a part of Medical Association plans.

Physician Disability Insurance Contract Wording

One client had a skiing accident that caused nerve damage in his hand, making him unable to perform surgery for the foreseeable future. This surgeon had three policies: one through us, one through a national medical association, and a group policy.

While he thought he had an own occupation definition on all 3 of them, that is not exactly what we found.

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Physician Disability Insurance Residual Claim

One client was not able to obtain a medical diagnosis after visiting with several doctors. The symptoms clearly showed that he was limited in his practice and the limitations caused a significant loss of income. By working closely with the insurance company’s claim department, the claim was approved for a Residual Disability Benefit.

If he had coverage with most Medical Association plans, he would NEVER have qualified for a benefit.

Read his story.