We’ve worked with AMA physicians since 1993, matching the best policy and the best rates.

M.D. Disability Quotes works with all of the major carriers that offer own-specialty disability insurance for physicians. Our long-term relationships with each of these carriers and underwriting departments offers great advantages for our physician clients.

These advantages include:

– Up to $25,000 of monthly benefit
– Age 65, 67 and 70 benefit period
– Residual benefits
– True own-occupation definition of disability, covering physicians in their specific medical specialty
– Fixed rate with no annual or 5 year annual increases scheduled once the policy is in effect

Typical rates on $10,000 of monthly benefits are listed below, but can vary based on age, gender, medical specialty, state of residency, and health status.

Age Male Female
30 $132 $154
35 $167 $192
40 $216 $247
45 $267 $296
50 $339 $363
55 $419 $437


Again, these rates can vary based on age, gender, medical specialty, state of residency and health status, so contact us for a quote specific to you.

Our unbiased quote comparisons, expert knowledge, long-term relationships with the companies we represent, and our diligent ongoing policy service have made us the company of choice for physicians across the country. Contact us today.

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