Consider Term Life Insurance, Too

Physician Disability and Term Life Insurance

We understand your primary motivation to obtain physician disability insurance is most likely to protect your loved ones. We also understand you want to care for your loved ones even after your passing. You may think of us for disability insurance, but we also have extensive experience with term life insurance. Here’s a quick overview of term life insurance, and why you may want to consider both types of insurance at the same time.

How to Increase Your Physician Disability Insurance Coverage Without Medical Underwriting

Physician Disability Future Increase Option Rider

Have you ever wondered if there is a way you can increase your physician disability insurance coverage without going through another finger prick or by providing a urine sample? Condsider the Future Increase Option Rider and/or the Future Purchase Option Rider (name dependent on carrier but they are one in the same). It can help because it permits you to increase your physician disability insurance benefits without having to go through medical underwriting.

Consider Physician Disability and Life Insurance at the Same Time

Physician Disability Insurance and Life Insurance

As a physician, your time is obviously limited and usually comes at a premium. If you have made the decision to purchase an individual physician disability insurance policy for yourself, why not leverage the time you are investing during the application process to maximize efficiency? Since a disability insurance policy requires a medical exam as part of the underwriting process, you should take the opportunity to review your life insurance portfolio to make sure it corresponds with your current needs and financial goals.

Physician Disability Case Study: Why Early Action Can Save You Thousands

Physician Disability Insurance Policy Declined

There are many reasons for a physician to get declined for disability insurance. A serious illness or medical condition alone can disqualify you from obtaining coverage. Significant medical history can also disqualify you, or result in such high premiums that it is no longer cost-effective. Sometimes it can occur because the underwriter does not have enough information to make a decision. Don’t give up if this happens to you. It is important to seek further medical attention to uncover if there is really a reason to be denied disability insurance. Here is an example of why this makes sense to do.