The Difference Between Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance

Long and Short Term Physician Disability Insurance

Both short-term and long-term physician disability insurance are designed to provide income replacement to you in the event you are not able to work due to injury or sickness. The difference between these two types of policies is the amount of time they are designed to sustain your income. But when, exactly, would your disability fall under short-term or long-term?

Consider Term Life Insurance, Too

Physician Disability and Term Life Insurance

We understand your primary motivation to obtain physician disability insurance is most likely to protect your loved ones. We also understand you want to care for your loved ones even after your passing. You may think of us for disability insurance, but we also have extensive experience with term life insurance. Here’s a quick overview of term life insurance, and why you may want to consider both types of insurance at the same time.

Don’t Forget About Business Overhead Expense Insurance!

Business Overhead Expense Insurance | Physician Disability Insurance

When a physician who owns his or her own practice comes to one of our agents, the breadth of coverage to consider is often not understood. Being able to keep your business doors open and your operation running at full capacity while you are disabled shouldn’t be overlooked or disregarded so easily. There is coverage available that can help minimize the toll business expenses can take not only on your practice, but on your financial situation at home, too.